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mutant and proud
she is my hero, she is the one who makes me smile so don`t you dare to hate n my sunshine

these people

do you know this people who can make or ruin your entire day? Yesterday I had a funny and awesome day and was at my way home when I got a message from my very close friend from instagram. She asked me if we could stopp chatting, she would need distance to me. 

As you may can imagine, was I pissed. She promised me to be always there for me, during all times and now this. We started arguing and in the end of the day we both where mad.

But the point of this post is, that all people, no matter what they promise you, only have to do one action to break the trust, to ruin the day. Be careful to who you tell your secrets. Don`t forgive to easy and don`t fight over things like this.

Aug 23rd    ♥ 1


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